Welcome to dasbus’s documentation!

Dasbus is a DBus library written in Python 3, based on GLib and inspired by pydbus. The code used to be part of the Anaconda Installer project. It was based on the pydbus library, but we replaced it with our own solution because its upstream development stalled. The dasbus library is a result of this effort.


  • Python 3.6+

  • PyGObject 3

You can install PyGObject provided by your system or use PyPI. The system package is usually called python3-gi, python3-gobject or pygobject3. See the instructions for your platform (only for PyGObject, you don’t need cairo or GTK).

The library is known to work with Python 3.8, PyGObject 3.34 and GLib 2.63, but these are not the required minimal versions.


Install the package from PyPI. Follow the instructions above to install the required dependencies.

pip3 install dasbus

Or install the RPM package on Fedora 31+.

sudo dnf install python3-dasbus

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